Sunday, February 3, 2013

New Greens!

Isidra, a member of the annuals crew is prepping hanging geranium baskets.
Well, spring may not have sprung in your backyard yet, but here at The Flower Bin, the world is turning green!  The perennials and annuals crews are already caring for the seedlings that will be blossoming on your porch come May.  Not only are we going to be carrying our must-have classics this spring, but we have some pretty new and funky stuff coming your way as well!

Finally, for all you variegated lovers out there, there is a variegated petunia!!  This is the first variegated leaf petunia! The Flower Bin decided to jump on board and participate in what will be the first season ever of garden centers carrying a variegated leafed petunia!  This beauty is purple, goes by the name Royal Frost and is pictured below.
They may be small now, but you are going to want to come in early in the season to get these celebrities before they are gone.

I don't know about you, but we love the new coleus varieties we get to see every year, and this year is no exception.  Kim, the Annuals Manager explains that this year's new variety theme is "Under The Sea."  
Take this one that is in our greenhouse for example:

This is a view of the start of our Langostino Coleus crop.
We are also going to be carrying two other Under The Sea varieties this spring: King Crab, and Bonefish. All of these are extremely vibrant coleus that can handle shade or sun.

This may not be a new plant for us to carry, but it is one we are still pretty excited about; the Kangaroo Paw!  It looks stunning as a lone plant, or it livens up any container garden as an accent.  It's unique flowers have a fuzzy texture and a vibrant color.  The best part, is we have some ready to go today!  So grab one to put in your windowsill for a little bit of color before you plant it outdoors this spring.

So there is just a tiny sample of the things coming your way this spring.  They may not be ready to sell yet but we always welcome you to come and peak at the young plants and enjoy some fresh greenhouse air!
Look at all of our young plants starting to fill the place up!

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