Monday, February 25, 2013

Fresh Arrivals Daily!

We have fresh stuff coming in daily, whether it is plants, gifts or garden supplies!  Yes, it is still only February, but The Flower Bin is bursting with activity.  We have our "Spring Begins" open house coming up Saturday and Sunday March 16th and 17th, free classes in session the next two Saturdays, a brand new Customer Loyalty Program, seeds flying out the door and new products arriving constantly!  So come, visit and daydream about spring which is right around the corner!

You can buy your bamboo with the crystals and vase, or buy
them separately
 We just go a really fun product in...colored bamboo crystals!  These crystals in a packet as small, dry little crystal pellets.  Once they are put in water they absorb and grow.  Often people keep their bamboo plants in these crystals because it is a perfect way to keep your bamboo standing up straight, keep them moist and now you can even add an extra splash of color! You can also use them for other things such as cuttings!

These great Crystal Accents come in 9
different colors!

A Calla Lilly in it's colorful new home

 Here is something new: Recycled Oil Drum Sculptures!

Some new art that just arrived is from Haiti, and is made out of recycled oil barrels!

March 17th is the day...St. Patrick's Day that is!  Why not celebrate by giving your friend or family member an Oxalis clover plant!  We put foil and a bow on them for free.

Spring decor is popping up all over our shelves! Decorative chicks, turtles, rabbits, ducks, etc.  Cool baskets and spring planters galore!  We even have artificial spring wreaths in to put that finishing touch on your front door.

So don't forget to stop by, and see what's new as we put out new stuff every day!

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