Monday, February 18, 2013

New Fairy Garden Plugs and Getting Rid of Bugs!

There is a lot going on both at The Bin and in your very own yard this time of year!  Read below to learn about what some of the our experts at The Bin say you should be doing in your yard right now, and also learn about some great new plants for your fairy gardens.
Michael and Luis working on diagnosing the leaf off of a sick plant at our (free) Diagnostic Center

Dormant Spray Oil
Insects are sneaky, and many of them are overwintering inside the bark of your shade trees and your fruit/nut trees as you read this.  Late February and early March is the time to  take care of that problem with our Dormant Oils.  This oil takes care of nasty overwintering bugs such as Scale and Coddling Moth.  This is a paraffinic oil that you spray on the trunk of your ornamental trees, your fruit/nut trees and even your rose bushes.  It is highly 
effective, yet isn't potent like a pesticide.  For those of you who have never applied sprays to your trees before....do not fear, it is simple!  We sell Fertilome hand sprayers that are made to work with our Hi-Yield Dormant Oil Spray.  Just screw the nozzle of the sprayer onto the bottle of oil, turn the dial to the amount of tablespoons listed on the back of the bottle, hook it to your hose and you are all set!  It is really that easy.

Butterfly Bushes
It may seem odd, as it is still cold out, but now is the time to prune back those Butterfly Bushes that bring so much color in the summer months.  Cut the bush back to the ground, and it will come back beautifully this spring.

Fairy Garden Plugs
Kathy, the Houseplant and Herbs Manager is hard at work planting the fresh Fairy Garden plant plugs that have just arrived.  Many of you have been waiting for these to come in, as they are perfect for that indoor fairy garden you have been wanting to plant in the cold months.  She is planting up 6 different varieties; Ali's Sensitive Plant, Iris' Variegated Flowering Maple, Suzie Q's Variegated Marjoram, Emmy's Alpine Strawberry and Bambi's Velvet Vine.  Three weeks, and Kathy says these adorable little plants will be 
ready to go home with you!  On that same note, we are waiting for a shipment of fairy garden supplies to arrive soon.  We are getting in a bunch of new stuff that we have never carried before...and we are pretty excited about it!

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