Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Meaning Behind the Plant

Corinna and Megan are gearing up for Valentine's Day.  Corinna is making bows as Megan shows off a few of our foiled and  bowed Tulip and Kalanchoe plants

Some people like to pick out a plant for their sweetheart based solely on what looks good at the time or perhaps based on a favorite color.  Some people however like to pick their plant based on a common meaning behind the plant.  If you are one of the latter, we are here to help!  If not, it's still fun to learn something new!  Let us go over just a few common meanings behind certain plants you may be giving for Valentine's Day...and yes we do have all of these!
Some of our Daffodils hanging
 out by the fountain

Daffodil-Regard, respect

We have some beautiful potted and hanging
Boston Ferns, as well as many other varieties

Fascination, sincerity, magic

We have these gorgeous Geraniums
blooming and ready to go in the

Comfort, folly (giving this plant as an act of apology)

Some White Heather, starting to bloom

Heather (White)-
Good luck, protection, wishes coming true

A gorgeous Hyacinth ready for
 your sweetheart!

Playful, fertility, games

Three different varieties of Ivy hanging out in our vibrantly
colored, biodegradable bamboo pots

Fidelity, wedded love, friendship

Stunning maroon Orchid
thriving out in the greenhouse

Orchid-Love, beauty, luxury

A few of our Ranunculus chillin' with our stone owls

I am dazzled by you!

We have a ton of herbs, included this delicious smelling

Remembrance, wisdom

Some of our Tulip and Daffodil bulb gardens

Fame, happy years

Well, that should give you a few ideas of the common meanings behind many plants that we have. Also, don't forget that we put your choice of colored foil and a bow on your plant free of charge.  We hope this helps on the quest to find a meaningful gift this Valentine's Day!

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