Thursday, January 31, 2013

Have You Done Your Valentine's Day Shopping?

Whether you are shopping for yourself or your Valentine, we have something new for everyone!
Check out a few of many new gift items we have gotten in!

Wasp traps are here!  Give this gift, or grab one for yourself.  It is a colorful and productive addition to anyone's yard or porch.  Just add wasp attractant and they will flock towards these beautiful glass traps.

Jeanette with one of the wasp traps near our displays.

Who, who is your Valentine?  Maybe they would be interested in one of our unique stone owls to spruce up their garden this spring.

Some of our young shoppers do a wonderful job showing off our new pinwheels!
This is a great gift, as they are commonly known as being symbols of good look or turning your luck around.

It's no secret that Colorado has a very dry climate.  That coupled with a gardener's love for playing in the dirt, is the perfect reason to grab up some of our new Outdoor Hands Skin Therapy Cream.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Seeds are Here!!

Well our seed reps have been in and out all week helping us get a full stock of your favorites, and also fun new varieties!

Botanical Interests-Broomfield Colorado
Botanical Interests is a local seed company out of Broomfield, Co that has an amazing line of seeds this year.  They specialize in untreated, non-GMO seeds many of which are Certified USDA Organic!  In addition to the high-quality veggie and flower seeds they carry, they also have an heirloom line and a lot of sprout varieties.
Lake Valley-Boulder, Colorado

Lake Valley is another tried and true brand we carry here at the Flower Bin. Their company is out of Boulder. Keep it local! We have everything from cucumbers and peppers to poppies and forget-me-nots in the Lake Valley brand.
Another amazing line of seeds we carry is Beauty Beyond Belief.  We are stocked full of their native wildflower and mix seed packets!  We carry seeds of theirs that are perfect varieties for our niche climate (they too are a Boulder company).  This includes mixes such as; drought tolerant, deer resistant, butterflies and birds, shade, Rocky Mountain and Bee just to name a few!  There is nothing better than healthy, colorful wildflowers filling up your yard and attracting all sorts of pretty creatures!

So now that we have teased you with our tempting selection, you may be thinking…isn’t it too early to start seeds?  It is a little early to start most seeds, but here are a few ways to have your first seed-starting run:

SPROUTS!  We have a large variety of sprouts that can be planted indoors, so you do not have to wait until spring has sprung to get some seedlings in your life.  We have many options from alfalfa greens, sandwich mixes and several different types of micro greens.  This is a perfect way to not only get some homegrown nutrition in your diet, but also determine if you are ready for the main planting season.  Do I have enough seedling soil mix?  Do I have trays and jiffy plugs?  Could I maybe use a grow light?  This way you will be prepared and full of fresh greens at the same time.


POPPIES!  Come June many yards in this region are blossoming with beautiful and colorful poppies.  Don’t wait to see them in your neighbor’s yard before you add them to your selection!  Get a jump start and plant poppy seeds NOW!  This is the time to start poppies, so get them going to have some gorgeous June color.

Well, that is just a brief view of all of the seeds that have arrived, stop by, pick some up and get some expert planting advice.  You can even join our free Seed Starting class with Ryan Schmitt who is a former employee, now horticulturalist with Botanical Interests.   Call or stop in to sign up for the class that will be held February 16th at 2:00pm.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Good Afternoon!  The Flower Bin is kicking off a new blog!  This is a great way you can check out what is going on at The Flower Bin. You can do this at your leisure, or subscribe and get an e-mail when a new blog has been posted.
We have a lot of exciting things going on at The Flower Bin, from a new loyalty program, to new products arriving daily!  So come back often, leave us comments, and play along as we get into this new media.

Thanks for reading, and we look forward to blogging with you!