Thursday, January 31, 2013

Have You Done Your Valentine's Day Shopping?

Whether you are shopping for yourself or your Valentine, we have something new for everyone!
Check out a few of many new gift items we have gotten in!

Wasp traps are here!  Give this gift, or grab one for yourself.  It is a colorful and productive addition to anyone's yard or porch.  Just add wasp attractant and they will flock towards these beautiful glass traps.

Jeanette with one of the wasp traps near our displays.

Who, who is your Valentine?  Maybe they would be interested in one of our unique stone owls to spruce up their garden this spring.

Some of our young shoppers do a wonderful job showing off our new pinwheels!
This is a great gift, as they are commonly known as being symbols of good look or turning your luck around.

It's no secret that Colorado has a very dry climate.  That coupled with a gardener's love for playing in the dirt, is the perfect reason to grab up some of our new Outdoor Hands Skin Therapy Cream.

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