Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Fairy Gardens

Unique fairy gardens are popping up all over The Flower Bin Garden Center and Nursery, as Corinna, Jeanette and Megan design these niche container gardens!  You can come in and pick out a fairy garden one of these talented women made or you can pick from our ample supplies and make one yourself!

Here, on the left, is a bird bath fairy garden that Corinna created.  It features a gorgeous pink flowering maple, vibrant coleus and sedum.  Of course, like any good garden there is a gnome welcoming you.

Megan is in the process of planting up a fairy garden

Now that you have a taste of what they look like, take a peak at some of the supplies we have to offer to make your own!

We have an entire kiosk full of items to personalize your fairy garden.  There are of course fairies, miniature garden tools and watering cans, animal figurines, miniature picnic tables and Adirondack chairs, and small arbors just to name a few things. In addition to this we will soon be getting in a whole bunch of new fairy garden supplies that we have never before carried!  We are pretty excited for that as well.

We carry a lot of accents you can use for your fairy garden.  We carry numerous types of gravel, rock, glass stones, polished stones and sand.  We also carry both live and artificial moss that creates a perfect fairy garden setting.

One exciting type of moss we carry, is a bag full of live moss!  It includes three different types of moss: sheet moss, cushion moss and broom moss.  Take it out of the bag, place it on soil, water it and it will green up in no time!  It is gorgeous for fairy gardens or for moss gardens.
Megan showing off a small chunk of the Live Moss before
it has been watered.
The Live Moss plants we carry

So come in today and check out what we have to offer for making a unique fairy garden!  Our staff would be happy to give you tips and advice on the best way to create and maintain a great fairy garden.

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