Thursday, January 26, 2017

5 Tips for keeping your houseplants happy this winter.

Keeping your houseplants healthy and thriving during the winter months comes down to these five things. First  make sure they have enough light. You may have to move your plants around the house during the winter in order to provide the best light situation.
Another way to increase light is to add plant grow lights like this Jump Start Light System. It comes complete with stand and light and is easy to set up. Great for starting seeds too.  You can also buy grow bulbs that will fit a standard socket. Second, water your houseplants consistently. Regular watering will keep the soil moist. You want to avoid letting the soil dry out completely or keeping the soil soggy.
A simple way to make sure you're watering correctly is to buy a water meter and use it to help you know when it's time to water.
Third, fertilize your plants every three weeks with a mild liquid fertilizer such as Schultz Plant Food or Jack's Houseplant Special. Another way to increase your houseplant's vigor is by giving them a supplement such as Superthrive every two weeks. Superthrive's kelp and vitamin formula strengthens roots and improves leaf growth. Fourth, increase the humidity.  Houses are dry during the winter, which doesn't help your houseplants.
One way to increase humidity is to group your houseplants together. This will help raise the humidity and make maintenance easier.  Another way simple way to increase humidity is to  place your plants on a pebble tray. Make a pebble tray by spreading an even layer of small pebbles in a saucer or shallow pan and then add water. As the water evaporates, it increases the humidity around your plants. Be sure that the bottom of the pot doesn't sit in the water.
Fifth, keep an eye out for bugs. Soil gnats, mealy bug and scale can appear suddenly and cause damage to your houseplants. Inspect your plants often for any signs of insect damage.
Use an insecticidal spray such as Safer Insect Soap at the first sign of insect distress.
Spraying the leaves of your plants with Leaf Shine will help deter insects and keep your plants cleaner. Doing these things will help your houseplants stay healthier and happier through the winter months.

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