Thursday, January 19, 2017

Clean the air with these houseplants 

We've always known houseplants are good for us. They add beauty to our homes and offices, they have a calming effect on us and they give us a sense of well-being. We show how much we care about others in our lives when we give houseplants for birthdays, special occasions and as get well gifts. In addition to beautifying a room, houseplants work hard to make us healthier, by removing pollutants from the air and adding oxygen back into the room. All houseplants do this to a certain extent and some are really good at purifying our indoor air.
One outstanding air-purifying plant is the Peace Lily or Spathiphyllum. Peace Lilys are very easy to grow. Place them in a spot where they will receive bright, indirect light, keep the soil moist and feed them every three or four weeks and they will reward you with beautiful white flowers and cleaner air for many years.
Pothos are a great houseplant choice to help clean the air. They're easy to care for and they'll do well in areas where you don't have a lot of light.
Sanseveria or Snake Plant is another air purifying plant for your home or office. Snake plants do best in bright light. You can keep them in a place with low light. They just won't grow as fast. They also like their soil on the dryer side.
plants are slow growing, can take low to medium light and they also like their soil on the dry side, so avoid overwatering them. They'll do a great job keeping the air clean.
A houseplant that helps clean the air and blooms throughout the year is the Anthurium. Anthurium do best in bright light and moist soils.
Looking for a houseplant that likes low light and helps clean the air, get a
Chinese Evergreen plant. Known for its unique foliage, the Chinese Evergreen likes moist but not soggy soil. Let the top inch or two of soil dry out before you water this plant.
Another interesting foliage houseplant that will aid in cleaner air is the Dieffenbachia. This houseplant prefers bright light but will do okay in low light situations, so it's a great choice for many offices. English Ivy, Boston Ferns and Rubber plants are also good
choices to help improve the air in your home or workplace. Not sure which houseplant is right for you? Stop in and we'll help you pick out the best plants for your home and office. You'll feel better surrounded by houseplants and you'll breathe better too! 

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