Thursday, February 2, 2017

Indoor Succulent garden tips

Growing succulents adds a whole new dimension to your indoor garden. There's such a wide variety of colors and textures to choose from and getting started growing succulents is easy.
Begin by selecting a container. Succulents have shallow roots so a shallow pot, dish or bowl is an ideal choice. Just make sure the container you select has good drainage. Once you've decided on a container, it's time to go shopping for plants. 
If you leave your plants in their original small pots, it's easy to move them around in the container until you get the arrangement you like best. 
Next, choose a soil that is specific for succulents. Add enough soil to your container so that your plants will sit just below the rim of the pot. This will keep water and soil from overflowing the sides of the pot when you water. Carefully remove your succulents from their containers and place them in your new pot.
They should be planted at the same level they were growing in their nursery pot. You can add more soil at this time if you need to. Once planted, you need to water your new garden thoroughly. Water enough so that water comes out the drain holes. Now you're done watering your succulent garden until it dries out completely. The key to keeping your succulents healthy is to water more, but water less frequently. Succulents like to have their roots soaked and then they want to dry out before the next watering.  It's best to water succulents when they need it, not on a schedule, such as every week.
Fertilize your succulent garden every three to four weeks with a low Nitrogen fertilizer such as Cactus Juice.  Give these extraordinary plants a chance. Succulent care is easy and succulent gardens and terrariums will brighten any home and office space.

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