Saturday, May 9, 2015

Mother's Day 2015 freeze

As Mother’s Day approaches there is the potential for snow and freezing temperatures. One forecast is calling for 32ºF tonight (Saturday), snow Sunday and 30ºF on Sunday night. IF this happens, you should be prepared to cover your plants to protect them. The simplest solution is to bring everything that hasn’t been planted into the garage or house.
For plants in the ground, you can cover them with buckets,
old nursery pots,
sheets, floating row cover, insulating material like N-Sulate,
You can close the tops of your Walls-O-Water or cover smaller plants with hot kaps. Covering plants with plastic sheeting is not recommended. If we get a heavy snow, go out and shake your trees to knock the snow off to help prevent damage. Or use a broom to shake the snow off the branches. After Monday, the weather forecast is for more moderate temperatures.  

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