Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Getting your lawn ready for summer



Here are some tips for having a great lawn throughout the summer and into fall.
Turf grass wears out and gets weak for any number of reasons, including wear and tear, age, poor soils, bugs and disease.
Thin, weak lawns encourage weeds and diseases and use more water. The good news is you can have a good-looking lawn by following a few simple steps. First, improve the soil your grass is growing in.
Aerate your lawn at least once a year.
This opens the soil up and allows air, water and fertilizer to get down to the roots.
Top-dress your lawn by adding a thin layer of compost or peat moss. This will improve the soil and strengthen the roots.
Apply humic acid in the form of Soil Activator to improve soil and encourage root growth.    
Fertilize in late May with a high nitrogen fertilizer, such as Fertilome 25-0-4. Your best defense against weeds is a strong, healthy lawn. Maintaining a healthy lawn will keep weeds from ever getting started in your yard. Two more points; keep your lawn mower set as high as it will go and mow more frequently. Avoid over-watering. Your lawn doesn’t need to be watered every day. Frequent watering makes the grass roots lazy. The best approach is to water deeper and less often. Doing these things now will keep your lawn looking good during the summer and into fall.

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