Monday, September 1, 2014

Tips for growing hardy geraniums

If you’re looking for a low maintenance mounding plant for your rock garden or perennial border, Cranesbill may be the plant for you. Cranesbill is the true hardy geranium, not to be confused with annual geraniums or pelargoniums. Hardy geraniums come back year after year. They grow in clumps and prefer full sun, though you could plant them in a spot that receives late afternoon shade. Cranesbill will do best in soil which drains well, so plan to dig in some soil amendments such as Sheep, Peat and Compost to your planting site. Count on cranesbill to give you many years of colorful pink and blue flowers. Great for pollinators. 'Rozanne' (pictured above) was selected as the 2008 Perennial of the year. It has a very large, vibrant violet-blue flowers and a long bloom season. Other cranesbill selection include:


'Dark Reiter'

'Blue Sunrise'



'Laurence Flatman'



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