Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Time to revive your lawn.

September is a great time to fix up your lawn. Turf grass wears out for any number of reasons; wear and tear, age, soil compaction, bugs, fungus and now is the best time to fix these problems. There are two products to use on your lawn right now to help it get ready for winter.
Revive™ works to break down the surface of your lawn so water and nutrients get into the soil better.
Soil Activator works at the root level so your lawn can take up water and nutrients better. You need both for your lawn to look its best. If you haven’t fed your lawn, now’s the time to add Fertilome Lawn Food Plus Iron. If you’re thinking about re-seeding those bare spots or adding seed to the whole lawn to help thicken it up, now is the time. Start with selecting the right seed for your lawn. Most of the grasses we use in our lawns are “cool-season” grasses. They do best when the temperatures are cooler. That’s why spring and fall are the best times to seed your lawn.  
We recommend you choose seed that will work in our area. We get our grass seed from the Greely, Fort Collins area.
We sell grass seed in bulk, so you can buy the exact amount you need. For sunny areas, you can choose from Flower Bin Blue grass mix which is a drought tolerant and stands up to heavy traffic or Colorado’s Own which will work in sun and moving shade area. We also carry mixes for shady areas.
It’s best to aerate the lawn first, then add a soil amendment such as Sheep, Peat and Compost and lightly rake it in.
Add your seed and cover lightly with Top Soil or Sheep, Peat and Compost and keep it moist until the seed germinates. If you’re not sure how to proceed, stop in and talk to us. We help you select just the right grass seed.

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