Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Keep your flowers Blooming their Best

Late summer doesn’t have to mean the end of your hanging baskets or your flower beds. Now is a great time to get your  container flowers, your hanging baskets and flower beds blooming strong, well into fall. Here's how.
Keep up with the “deadheading”; that is the practice of removing spent flowers to encourage more blooms instead of going to seed. If some of your annuals are looking spindly, cut them back by about half. They’ll bounce back quickly, with more blooms.
Use a balanced fertilizer such as ferti-lome® 20-20-20. This will encourage new growth and flowers.  
If your geraniums and petunias have suddenly stopped blooming, check for evidence of bud worm.
Spray with all natural Thuricide or dust with Dipel to get rid of them.
Slugs can be a problem on your flower plants too.
Apply some Sluggo or Diatomaceous Earth.
Perk up your flower beds with ferti-lome® Gardener’s Special, a slow release fertilizer which should give your plants an ample supply of nutrients to keep them going strong well into fall.  

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