Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Dahlias, a fall favorite

For fall color, dahlias are hard to beat. Some interesting things about Dahlias. According to the American Dahlia Association, dahlias originated in Central America where they were called Acocotli and Cocoxochitl by the ancient Aztecs. Spanish explorers brought the plants back  to Europe and it was a staff member at the Royal Gardens in Madrid, Spain who named the plant after Swedish botanist Andreas Dahl.  Dahl considered the flower a vegetable. The first varieties with large, double flowers were bred in Belgium in the early 1800’s. Now there are thousands of varieties to choose from, ranging in size from less than 2" in diameter to over 8" and flower types from semi-cactus to water lily. 
 Bronze Leaf Dahlias such as Lolo Love.
Or this red 'Jewel K' dahlia.
Did you know dahlias are the official flower of the city of Seattle? Dahlias are planted from bulbs, called tubers. Plant dahlias in a sunny location in soil that has been amended with compost and peat moss. Sheep, Peat and compost is a good soil amendment for dahlias.
On August 23rd and 24th, the Colorado Dahlia Society’s 2014 Annual Show will be held at The Flower Bin, 1805 Nelson Road in Longmont. Find out more by visiting our website:
http://www.theflowerbin.net/ or call us at 303-772-3454. Come to the show and learn more about growing dahlias.

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