Tuesday, June 3, 2014

June Lawn Care Tips


Now’s the time to get your lawn ready for summer by feeding your lawn, taking care of any weeds that might have shown up and by adding products to improve the soil under your lawn.
Spot treat any broadleaf weeds with Weed Free Zone
or use granular Weed-Out to take care of weeds and feed your lawn at the same time.
If your lawn is weed free, use Lawn Food Plus Iron to feed your lawn and to add iron. Improving the soil your lawn is growing in will strengthen your lawn's root system and help your lawn through the warmer months of summer.
One product to help your soil is Revive. Revive is a natural organic soil treatment that changes the way water behaves, so water is able to penetrate deeper into the soil under your lawn, so there is less water loss due to run off or evaporation.  Revive is available in liquid and granular form.
Revive also makes a product called Dog Spot which will help eliminate spots in your lawn caused by dog urine.
The second product to add now is Natural Guard Soil Activator. Natural Guard Soil Activator changes the soil structure, building healthier soil, improving soil microbial activity and encouraging longer root growth. Longer root growth means a healthier lawn which uses less water. We recommend you apply Soil Activator four times a year, each time you fertilize your lawn. Taking these steps now will help your lawn thrive through the hot summer months ahead.

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