Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Create your own water feature, complete with water plants.

We’ve made it easy to create a beautiful water garden in just a few minutes. This water garden bowl is easy to assemble and will add the soothing sound of water to your patio, deck or garden.
Begin with selecting your container from these pre-formed bowls or from our great selection of ceramic containers. Our lighted pump kits are easy to install.
Simply unpack, select the water pattern from one of the three nozzles in the kit and place in the bottom of your container.
Set the pump in the bottom of the container.
Add a holder for your potted water plants.
Set your potted plants in the holder. 
Add some floating plants such as water hyacinths and water lettuce.
Fill with water and plug the pump in.
The built-in lighting is a great feature at night. It’s that easy and now you’re ready to relax and enjoy your new water feature.

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