Saturday, April 26, 2014

How to harden off plants

What does it mean to “harden off plants”? Whether you grew your own or bought them at The Flower Bin, vegetables and flowers need to be acclimated to the outdoors, before they are planted. The process of preparing plants that have been started indoors to be planted outdoors is called “hardening off”, and usually takes about a week. This allows your plants time to get used to direct sun, wind and cooler nights. The first day, set your plants outside in a shady spot and bring them in that night.
The second day set your plants in morning sun for half a day, then back to shade and indoors at night.
Gradually increase the exposure to sunlight over the next several days, before letting them spend the night outside.  At the end of the week, plants should be ready to stay outside.
Floating row cover also provides added insect and weather protection for your plants.
 Plants you bought outside in the Perennial House
or in front of the store have already been acclimated and can be planted right away.

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