Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April is National Gardening Month

April is National Gardening Month and that means we are stocking up with lots of “It’s Spring”. Winter is officially over and we’re eager and excited about helping you to your best garden ever.
Here a just a few of the reasons we’re so enthusiastic about this gardening season. The annual house is full of vegetable starts, legendary hanging baskets, colorful potted plants and plant starts of all kinds.

We’re making great progress on the new 5,000 square foot Edible House, which will feature tomatoes, peppers, fruit, citrus and herbs.
The Perennial House and Nursery is stocking up. In the Rose House, all of the potted roses are looking good! 
Our Gift House is full of gardening apparel, gloves, seeds, bulbs, and gardening accessories.
The Pond area has been redesigned and has everything you need to keep your pond and fish healthy.
Hardgoods has all the supplies to get your plants and soils off to a great start.
The Courtyard is full of unique statuary, fountains and yard art to complement your unique landscape.
We’re here to help you make this year your best garden ever! Remember, when you garden, you really do grow!


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