Tuesday, March 4, 2014

How to have a great lawn and save money too.


The Flower Bin Lawn Care program is built on Fertilome brand of lawn and garden products and includes four steps designed to keep your lawn healthy throughout the growing season. When you purchase all four bags of The Flower Bin Lawn Care program at once, you will save 20% of the cost of the program and you will continue to save 20% on every Fertilome product you purchase throughout the year, including a wide selection of garden fertilizers, insect and weed controls. Additional benefits of the program include the satisfaction of knowing you are applying the right product for your lawn at the right time of the season when it will benefit your lawn the most.

The program begins with Step 1, Fertilome’s All Seasons fertilizer and weed preventer. One of the most effective ways to control weeds in your lawn is to prevent them and this product works to keep weed seed from germinating, such as crabgrass.  
It also feeds your lawn at the same time.  Apply this product between March 15th and April 15th for best results.  

Weed-Out Plus is step 2. This product works to control weeds you can see. It’s called a post-emergent.
This is the product to apply for dandelions, mallow and other weeds you can see in your lawn. Weed-Out Plus also feeds your lawn and is applied around June 1st.

Step 3 Lawn Food Plus Iron is applied in early August, right when your lawn needs nitrogen and iron.

Step 4 is Winterizer is applied around Halloween, when your grass is storing up energy for the winter weather ahead.  This gives your lawn a head start in spring.

Stop in and learn how The Flower Bin Lawn Care program will help your grass become thicker and more weed and disease resistant.

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