Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The benefits of applying dormant sprays.


Dormant spraying involves applying a preventative spray early in the spring while the tree is still dormant. Dormant spray is typically comprised of two products which can be applied together or separately.
One product is dormant oil and the other product is lime sulfur.
Dormant oils are highly refined oils that act to suffocate scale, aphids, mites and other insects which seek out shelter from the winter in the bark of trees.  Spraying now greatly reduces the impact these insects can have later in spring. Lime sulfur is a fungicide which kills dormant fungus spores on plants.
For example if you have aspen trees which suffered from black spot or roses with rust and/or black spot, now would be the time to apply dormant sprays to help control both of these situations.
Ideal conditions for dormant spraying would be on a day in late February through March when the temperature will be above 40°F for at least 24 hours, there’s little or no wind and no rain or snow. Wind will carry the oil away from the plant you’re trying to protect. You’ll want to spray early in the morning so the plant will be dry by evening. Spray just enough to cover the tree or shrub thoroughly. Dormant oil and lime sulfur can be applied with a hose-end sprayer, tank sprayer or hand held mister bottle. Mix with water according to label instructions.
For large jobs, get a no-mix hose end applicator. You set the dial to the right mix number, fill the jar and attach the hose and spray.
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