Thursday, July 6, 2017

Summer Lawn Care Tips

Summer time is the best time to enjoy your lawn.  It’s the perfect place to host garden parties, barbecues and games while the weather is warm. Here's some tips to keep your yard looking great this summer and all season long. Just like every other plant in your landscape, your lawn is only as good as the soil it's growing in and while it may not be feasible to replace the earth under your grass, there are steps you can take to improve the soil which will make your lawn stronger and healthier over time. Get started improving your soil by applying organic humic acid.
Humic acid is basically super compost which improves soil structure, encourages root growth and helps your grass take up nutrients more efficiently. HuMic comes in granular form and is easy to apply, once in the spring, in summer and again in the fall.
Step 2 to a better lawn is to use Revive
. Revive® is a wetting agent. It helps water get deeper into the soil.
Step 3, top-dress your lawn with peat moss or compost and water in thoroughly. Doing this once a month will build healthy soil and your grass will thrive. In addition to building your soil health, how you mow your lawn will make a difference.
Now's the time to raise your mower to its highest setting and leave it there for the rest of the season. Mow your lawn more frequently and make sure your lawn mower blade is sharp.
When it comes to watering your lawn, it’s best to water late evening or early in the morning, before 6 am. You want to run your water system for longer periods of time and do it less frequently. Watering the lawn daily makes the root systems lazy. Watering less often forces the grass roots to grow longer. With longer, stronger roots, you'll use less water to keep the lawn green. How much water your lawn needs per week depends on the type of grass and the quality of your soil. Some lawns will get by on an inch and a half of water while others may need two inches per week to look good.
Your lawn will tell you when it needs watering. The color of the lawn will turn from green to light gray and w
hen you walk on the lawn, you'll see your footprints. These are signs you need to water. Finally, don't forget to enjoy the lawn during the summer months! With the right care, your lawn will look as good as the rest of the garden.  

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