Thursday, June 8, 2017

Time to feed your vegetables 

In order to get the best from your vegetable garden, it's important to feed your plants on a regular basis. There are a number of good vegetable garden fertilizers available, both organic and non-organic.
Always buy one that lists the three major ingredients on the front so you'll know what your getting. The first number on the label is always Nitrogen. Nitrogen promotes growth. The second number is Phosphate. Phosphate helps rooting and blooming. The third number is Potassium. Potassium is important for the overall health of your plants.
When it comes to fertilizers, you can choose organic or non-organic in liquid or granular form. Fertilome and Fox Farm are good choices. They both work. Your choice may come down to what you're growing and how you want to apply the fertilizer.
Fertilizers are most effective when the plant can a
bsorb them through the roots. Granular fertilizers are applied around the base of the plant and watered in.
Liquid fertilizers are mixed and used to water the plant. While
Phosphate and Potassium are often found in our soils, using a good fertilizer with all three major components helps ensure your plants get what they need in terms of good nutrition.
Even the best of fertilizers is only as good as the soil their added to. Soils in a typical garden plot contain a lot of clay and tend to be alkaline. Alkaline soils limit the plant's ability to take in nutrients.
It's important to continually add
organic material in the form of compost, peat moss and coconut coir to your garden soil. This will break up the clay and help adjust the soil pH, making it easier for your plants to use the nutrients you are feeding them. Amending your soil on a regular basis also encourages earthworms and microbial activity. Plan to add amendments to your garden in the spring and in the fall. This will help ensure the best soil for growing vegetables. You can also top-dress with compost during the growing season to help improve your soil. When it comes to choosing the right fertilizer, it's best to stop in and have a conversation about your garden and the vegetables you want to grow. We'll help you choose the right fertilizer for your garden and plants. 

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