Thursday, March 30, 2017

First Step to a great lawn

Having a great lawn year after year begins with the idea that the best defense against weeds and diseases is a strong, healthy lawn. Best practices for building a healthy lawn include core aeration, twice a year applications of humic acid and
Revive, fertilizing four times a year, mowing at a higher setting and mowing more frequently and watering for longer periods of time and less frequently. An important aspect of best lawn practices is to use products that feed your lawn and help prevent weeds from showing up in the first place. These products are called pre-emergents. Pre-emergents work by allowing the seed to germinate, then killing the young plant before it has a chance to get established. Now is the time to apply a pre-emergent. 
Fertilome's For All Seasons II feeds your lawn and acts against any seed that may have wintered over in your grass. It's important to note that For All Seasons II, just like every pre-emergent acts the same with all seeds, not just crabgrass and other weed seeds. If you're planning to over-seed your lawn this spring, you don't want to use For All Seasons II. Instead, use Fertilome's New Lawn Starter to get your new grass off to a good start. Timing is important when applying For All Seasons II. Pre-emergents need to be applied before the ground temperatures get warm enough for seeds to start sprouting. Typically, this is before mid-April. When the Forsythia bushes begin blooming is another indicator it's time to apply pre-emergents. It's important to apply For All Seasons II evenly across your lawn. Follow the package instructions. We'll also help you get the right spreader settings. Once applied, you must water the lawn in order to activate the pre-emergent. Fertilome's For All Seasons II is part of The Flower Bin's 4-Step lawn care program. Buying the 4-step program qualifies for a 20% cost savings to you. Pre-emergents are also available for use in perennial beds and gravel areas. Keeping weeds from getting started means less yard maintenance for you and a great lawn all season long.

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