Sunday, December 18, 2016

Gift ideas for gardeners 

Got a gardener on your Christmas list? Give them gifts they can use to make their gardening hobby more enjoyable. Gifts such as a garden knife, a good set of pruners, a pair of trimming scissors, scoops and trowels, gardening  gloves and hand lotion. 
For versatility, its hard to beat a garden knife, also called a Hori Hori knife. Once you use it, you'll want this tool with you everytime you work in the garden. It's great for digging, weeding, planting, opening bags of soil or mulch, cutting garden twine and much more.
A good set of pruners is another essential tool for every gardener. Th
ey'll use them to prune roses, perennials, shrubs and small tree limbs. Choose a quality bypass pruner for best results.
Trimming scissors are good tool to have for some of the finer work in the garden, such as deadheading and light pruning. They are also useful indoors for keeping houseplants neat and trimmed. This is the tool we use at the 'Bin for all of our pruning and trimming chores. 
Garden scoops and trowels are useful for many tasks, including digging, weeding, filling pots with soil and planting. For the gardener who has everything, buy them a trowel and a garden scoop.  They will discover many ways to use these tools in the garden!
Another unique gift would be one of these portable potting trays, filled with seeds, pots, a bag of seed-starting soil and some organic fertilizer, everything they'll need to start some seeds after the first of the year.
Finish up your shopping for your
gardener with a good pair of gloves and add some hand lotion while you're at it. These are gifts your gardener will really use and they'll think about you everytime they do.

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