Monday, August 15, 2016

Plant Speedwell for Fall color

Veronica is one of those perennials that should have a place in everyone's garden. Also known as speedwell and garden speedwell, Veronica is an easy to care for, low-maintenance perennial that will provide color to your garden all season long. Speedwell plants fall into two categories. The bushy, low-growing ground covers which grow anywhere from an inch to a foot high and the tall spike type which can reach three to four feet tall and bloom through the season. This blog will focus on the more common, tall, upright speedwell. The color range for speedwell is blue, white, purple and pink.

Veronica offers some of the bluest color blooms you'll find. When in flower, they will reach about 3' tall.
Speedwell tends to stay in place, and is typically non-invasive. 
It looks good with other perennials such as Black Eyed Susan.  
Speedwell will tolerate some shade but flowers best in full sun. Once you've selected the site, planting your speedwell should include improving the existing soil. Speedwell like well-amended soil, so plan to incorporate compost, peat moss into the planting site before you plant your speedwell. Adding root stimulator at planting time helps ensure your new plants will get off to a good start. Fall is a great time to plant Veronica. The cooler days and warm soil temperatures allow the plant time to get established before winter.
Planting in the fall means earlier flowering next season.
Another benefit of planting speedwell in your garden? It's a great way to attract pollinators. For a low maintenance, fast growing perennial, choose Veronica. It is versatile and dependable and will bring color to your perennial garden for many seasons to come.

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