Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Colorful summer-blooming bulbs


As you’re planning your summer flower gardens, be sure to leave some room for summer bulbs. Summer bulbs include canna lilies, dahlias, Asiatic and Oriental lilies, gladiolus and tuberous begonias.
Asiatic lilies are hardy to Zone 3. They are the hardiest of all the lily hybrids.  Once they are established in your garden, they will produce showy blooms for many years.
Oriental lilies are hardy to Zone 5. They tend to be more fragrant than Asiatic lilies. Asiatic and Oriental lilies are planted from bulbs.
Before planting, amend the soil with compost and peat moss, add some Bone Meal and plant the bulbs 4" to 6" deep.
Canna lilies feature attractive green, bronze or variegated foliage, in addition to their flowers.  Cannas do well in garden beds and containers.
The canna “bulb” is actually a rhizome. Plant cannas about 6" deep and about 18" apart, in well-amended soil, with Bone Meal added to the planting site. Cannas need to be dug and stored after the frost kills the foliage, if you want to save them. They will not survive our winters.
Dahlias are grown from tubers and come in a wide variety of colors. Dahlias will bring color to your garden in late summer and early fall. Dahlias are tender bulbs and must be dug and stored through the winter if you want to save them. The other option is to buy new tubers every season. For more late summer and fall color, plant Gladiolus.
Gladiolus “bulbs” are called corms. Plant your corms about 3" deep and 4" to 5" apart, in soil that has been amended with peat moss and compost. Glads are tender summer bulbs that will have to be dug and stored, as they won’t survive our winters.
Tuberous begonias make incredible displays of color in a shady spot on your patio. They can be planted in containers, hanging baskets and directly in the garden. They need to be dug and stored if you want to save them for next year. Summer bulbs tend to sell out early, so it’s best to shop now to get the best selection.

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