Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Time to prune butterfly bushes

My neighbor told me that butterfly bushes bloom on "new wood". What does that mean? Butterfly bushes flower on the new branches or the "new wood" that will begin growing later in the spring. It means the best time to prune shrubs that bloom on new wood is now, including buddleia or butterfly bush.
When you do prune butterfly bushes, it's best to cut them to the ground.
Butterfly bushes are vigorous growers and will grow 5' to 6' tall and bloom in just a few months. Hard pruning down to the ground will also keep the shrub from growing too large and getting out of hand.
When you've finished pruning, add some 11-15-11 fertilizer and water it in well.
Your butterfly bush is now ready for a great season, attracting butterflies, hummingbirds and pollinators to your garden.

Many of the shrubs in our landscapes bloom on "old wood". Old wood refers to last season's growth. These shrubs flower in spring and early summer and soon after flowering, they begin to set the buds for next season's blooms.th e time to prune ornamental shrubs that flower in spring and early summer, is right after they bloom. 
Forsythia, lilac, ninebark and weigela are common shrubs in the area that need to be pruned after they bloom. You'll have about a month to prune these spring and early summer flowering ornamentals. After you're done pruning, feed your shrubs an 11-15-11 fertilizer. Pruning and feeding within a month of blooming will help your shrubs set bud for next years flowering season.

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