Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Plant ideas for Fairy Gardens


Whether you're making a fairy garden or a terrarium, you can create some amazing miniature indoor gardens. Almost any plant will work in your garden, though some are more suited for small gardens than others. As with any garden, your plants will do better if they have similar light and water requirements. 
Serrisa is a flowering plant that will do well in medium to high light situations. Looks great on this mini trellis!
Matty's Silver Tree is easy to grow, especially in medium light.
Jack's Bronze Dutch Clover unique foliage will do okay in low light to medium light.
Lemon Scented Cypress Trees needs bright light, but no direct sun.
Tiny Limey Ficus perfect for terrariums and fairy gardens.
Ferns do well in miniature gardens. They mostly like bright indirect light.
Mini African Violets are a great way to add color to your garden.
You can use virtually any plant in your indoor garden. Some may require more pruning and maintenance to keep them small. Your other choice is to replace plants once they have outgrown your miniature garden. Choose a good potting soil and include some charcoal to help keep the container fresh. Add some bridges, houses, people and accessories of your choice and you really do have a unique indoor garden you can enjoy year round.

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