Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Time to plant some grass seed



September is a great time to plant some grass seed. Turf grass wears out for any number of reasons; wear and tear, age, soil compaction, bugs, fungus and now is the best time to fix these problems. Sowing grass seed now has the advantage of cooler temperatures so it’s easier to keep the area you’re reseeding moist and there are generally fewer weeds. Plus your new grass has all of fall into early winter to establish.
Start by cleaning up the areas you want to seed.
A leaf rake will do a good job of cleaning out the dead grass and thatch. You’ll want to make sure your grass seed will be in contact with the soil.
Next, work in some Sheep, Peat and Compost to bring the area to grade and enrich the soil. This will help the new grass establish deeper roots. This is also the time to add a fertilizer. Once your new seed germinates, the fertilizer will help with root development as well as top growth.
Richlawn’s Nature’s Cycle is 100% organic and is based on dried poultry waste, blood meal and feather meal. It improves the soil and adds beneficial micro-organisms.
AlphaOne Natural Organic lawn and garden fertilizer is based on alfalfa, sunflower meal and cottonseed meal. These organic fertilizers feed the grass and improve the soil structure as well. With the soil ready, it’s time to select the right seed. Most of the grasses we use in our lawns are “cool-season” grasses. They do best when the temperatures are cooler. That’s why spring and fall are the best times to seed your lawn.  Location is important when choosing grass seed. Is the lawn in full sun, shade or some combination sunny and shady?
For most lawns, The Flower Bin Perfect Lawn is the best choice. This combination will do well in full sun and partial shade.
Emerald III is a turf-type fescue. This is the seed to buy if you’re reseeding a shady area. You can also choose from Flower Bin Blue grass mix for sunny areas. 
Once you've made your seed selection, apply the seed by hand or with a spreader. Cover the new seed lightly with Sheep, Peat and Compost and water it in.
You should plan to water enough every day to keep the seed moist.  Once the seed has germinated, you can water less frequently. Grass seed planted now will be well established by the time winter gets here.  


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