Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Summer lawn care tips.


Two things to do to keep your lawn looking good this summer: mow more often and water less often.
First, set your mower as high as it will go and leave it there for the rest of the growing season. Next, mow your lawn more frequently. Follow the rule of thirds, that is mow often enough you that you take off about 1/3rd of the grass blade per mowing.  Keep your mower blade sharp and don’t mow when the grass is wet. You want as clean a cut as possible and wet grass and dull lawn mower blades tear and pull the grass rather than cutting it.  Change your mowing pattern every 2 weeks, so you don’t wear patterns into the lawn by mowing the same way every time.
Consider using a mulching mower instead of bagging your lawn clippings.
This helps return nutrients to the lawn and does not add to thatch problems.
When it comes to watering your lawn, it’s best to water early in the morning, after midnight and before 6 am or 7am. You want to run your water system for longer periods of time and do it less frequently. Watering the lawn daily makes the root systems lazy. Watering less often forces the grass roots to grow longer, looking for water. Stronger roots mean healthier grass and fewer weeds. 
Apply Revive® granular to your lawn at least once during the summer months. Revive® is a wetting agent so it helps water get deeper into the soil.
Along with Revive®, add some Natural Guard Soil Activator to your lawn. Humic acid applied now increases the organic material in your soil and encourages better root development.  Better roots means a good looking lawn, with fewer weeds and less disease.
 Sometime in late July or early August, fertilize your lawn with Fertilome’s Lawn Food Plus Iron. Doing these things will help your lawn stay healthy through the summer months.


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