Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Wondering which rose types to grow?

With 270 varieties including hybrid teas, climbers, David Austin, shrub roses, miniature roses, grandifloras and floribundas, which rose is right for my garden? First of all, roses need a spot of their own, away from trees and other shrubs. The best spot would be in full sun. A good second choice would be a spot where the rose will get full morning sun.
Plan to amend the soil before you plant with Rose Bed amendment or Sheep and Peat. Adding some rose food to the planting mix will get your rose off to a good start. 'Tahitian Sunset '
As far as selecting a rose variety, hybrid tea roses are the most popular, with dozens of color and fragrance choices. 'Traviata' Miniature roses are naturally dwarf roses, a great choice for small gardens.
Floribunda roses generally have smaller flowers than hybrid roses, but they bear many flowers each season. 'Day Breaker'
Grandiflora roses  tend to grow tall and need lots of room to spread out. If you want to cover an arbor or trellis, choose a climbing rose.
David Austin roses are fragrant English roses. They do well here.
Some new David Austin roses are The Pilgrim, Scepter’d Isle, Port Sunlight, Hollow Case and Charles Darwin.

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