Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Shopping for Seeds

Shopping for seed at The Flower Bin, gardeners can choose from a wide variety of seed selection, featuring Botanical Interests® from Broomfield, Colorado.  Botanical Interests offers over 500 varieties of herb seed, vegetable seed and flower seeds. Botanical Interests has introduced 52 new varieties for 2015, including
Savory Winter and
Eggplant Lista de Gandia. Look for the “New Variety” signs in the Botanical Interests seed racks.
Also new this year from Botanical Interests is a line of seed tapes and disks which making planting seeds easy and convenient. Simply “cover, water and grow”.
These seed tapes are made with biodegradable paper and without glue.
Botanical Interests also offers plant stakes and
Seed Storage Envelopes which allow you to keep your seeds fresh while you enjoy the information inside their seed packets.
At The Flower Bin, you can find Botanical Interests award winning Recycled Paperboard Pots. Easy to use, you simply pop open the paperboard pot, fill with
Flower Bin seed starting mix and sow your Botanical Interests seed. The bottom of the pot tears away, so there is little root disturbance when you plant in your garden. Starting your plants from seed is fun and rewarding. Stop in to The Flower Bin and we’ll  get you started right.


  1. I love your garden center and drive down from Windsor often!

  2. I've thought about doing some more gardening, but I'm not very experienced. It's good to know what types of seeds to look for to find the best growth and quality. I've heard a bit about some of those wildflower mixes. That might be fun to try. http://www.vermontwildflowerfarm.com/wildflower-seed-wildflower-mixes.html