Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Planting for Pollinators – Echinacea


Echinacea is a group of flowering plants in the daisy family. Commonly called cone flowers, Echinacea are among the most durable and beautiful garden flowers and will make a great addition to your perennial beds. Echinacea comes from the Greek word echinos meaning hedgehog, in reference to the coneflower’s spiny center. Coneflowers like sunny locations, with well-drained soil, so add amendments such as Sheep, Peat and Compost to improve your soil. Work in some bone meal at the same time. You can expect your coneflowers to bloom well into fall, attracting bees and butterflies. Here are some of our top coneflower selections for your summer garden


Cheyenne Spirit

Harvest Moon

Hot Papaya

Kim’s Knee High

Prairie Splendor

Primadonna® Deep Rose



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