Tuesday, May 20, 2014

May lawn care advice



May is often the time when lawn diseases show up. At first, the lawn looks dry and brown and you may think needs water. But increasing the watering doesn’t seem to help. The grass stays brown or in some cases, patterns begin to show up often in the form of rings. In these cases, you’re probably dealing with a fungus, rather than a watering or sprinkler system problem.  Begin by having the lawn aerated, using a core aerator. Core aeration involves remove a plug, which helps open the soil up allowing air, water and fertilizer into the soil. Products like Revive® will help break up the surface tension and allow water to penetrate better.
Adding Soil Activator, which is humic acid will improve soil structure and increase root size, which will have a dramatic effect on your lawn.
This is a section of lawn before Soil Activator.
This is the same section after Soil Activator. Bigger roots mean the lawn is under less stress and capable of handling summer heat better.
In the case of Necrotic Ring Spot, lowering the ph of the soil will also help.
You can add Soil Sulfur, in addition to Soil Activator to make the soil more acidic.
More irregular patterns are probably not fungus-based, but could be the result of herbicide or fertilizer spill, gasoline from the mower or even small creatures called voles. Know, don’t guess. If your lawn is not looking healthy, bring a sample of the problem to our Diagnostic Center. We’ll figure it out and help you decide on the right
  solution for your lawn.

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