Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tips to prolong your tomato harvest.

It’s the middle of August and the tomato harvest is in full swing. Like most years, some tomatoes turned out great and some didn’t. Here and there, something didn’t go quite right. Here’s a look at a few of problems that are correctable and can help improve your harvest.

The blossoms on my tomatoes keep falling off. You can help by gently shaking the plant to help move the pollen around. Spray with blossom set. Water deeply every third day. Mulch your plants.

Black spots on the end of tomatoes are caused by calcium deficiency. Spray weekly with a calcium supplement.

Fertilome Yield Booster comes in a convenient ready-to-use spray bottle. Age Old Organics Ca-Libur 20, is a 20% concentrated product that can be sprayed on the plant or added to the soil.
The tops of my tomatoes crack. This is called cat facing. Cat facing is a disorder, not a disease. Removed deformed fruit so that the plant can put energy into growing healthy tomatoes.



Something's chewing up my leaves. Look for tomato hornworm. Pick them off or spray with Thuricide.
The fruit on my plants look funny. You may have insect problems. Tiny insects called thrips can carry disease issues to your plants. Spray with Fertilome Triple Action.

Follow these tips to prolong your fall harvest. As always, if you have a question, bring a sample to the Diagnostic Center. Pets welcome.


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