Sunday, March 3, 2013

Spring is Exciting, But Don't Forget to Love Your Houseplants!

That's right, your house plants may need some extra care this time of year too.  If you haven't re-potted your plant in the last year or so consider doing it now.  Of course frequency of re-potting is determined by plant variety and growing conditions.  Our free Diagnostics Center can help you determine if your specific plant needs to be re-potted.
We are unloading new pots and pottery constantly.
Here Luis is stocking some nice chocolate colored planters.

Putting your houseplant in a larger pot helps in a variety of ways.  For starters, it obviously gives the plant's roots more room to grow.  Often houseplants become root bound, which means there is nowhere for the roots to keep going.  If the roots can't expand, your plant cannot grow larger.

We carry ceramic, terra-cotta, plastic and even bamboo pots!
The ones pictured above are some of our bamboo pots that are 100% recyclable
and come in lots of great colors.

Re-potting is also a chance to put your plant in really high quality potting soil, if you didn't do so the first time around.  Maybe you re-potted your plant a year ago, and didn't have the time to stop by the Bin for high quality soil, so you used soil from a large retail chain.  This can often cause unwanted side-effects such as too low or too high of water retention, not enough nutrients in the soil, and can even cause bug problems.  You want to make sure you do your research, because the soil your plant sits in is extremely important to it's health.

Is your plant a family heirloom hand-me-down?  Once a woman came in because her plant was in very poor health, and wanted to know what she could do to fix the plant that had been in her family for decades.  Upon taking the plant out to re-pot it we saw that there was in fact almost no soil left!  The plant was barely surviving because all of it's soil had eventually washed out of the bottom of the pot, and been replace by only partially decayed roots and stems.

Here are some of our new colored plastic pots.
On the far right you can also see some of our new
self-watering pots.
Maybe you just want to re-pot your houseplants to make your life a little bit more easy.  That's what self-watering pots are for!  You put water in the bottom of the pot, where there is a wick.  The wick slowly but surely sucks water up into the plant, keeping your plant moist.

So there are just a few of many reasons for you to re-pot your house plant.  If it needs to be done, but you don't want to make a mess of your house, bring it by and we will re-pot it for a small fee.  Or if you purchase both a plant and a pot we will re-pot it completely free of charge!

So good luck, have fun and call us or stop in if you have questions!

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